Full Stack Software Engineer

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Welcome! My name is Geoff Buchan, and I am a full stack software engineer from Calgary, Alberta. I am educating myself through Codecademy, and I would love to work with you to bring your ideas to life.


Garage Whisky Club Webpage

In this project I created a static website for a fictional club using responsive design elements to ensure the vision of the design was communicated on all sizes and shapes of screens.

Technologies Used: CSS, HTML

Whisky Night Selector

In this project I created a program that selected, from a dataset, three bottles for a whisky night and gave a small amount of information on each. This program utilized logic to change the response in situations where the region of subsequent picks was the same.

Technologies Used: JavaScript, Node.js


Need a website? Want a browser plugin? Looking to turn your app idea into something tangible? Let's talk! Email me @ to get started.